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Formula SAE is a world-wide engineering design competition held by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). The goal of the competition is to provide students with a platform to design, build, and learn. This competition provides a unique way to test students' theoretical knowledge base in a practical, real-world context through manufacturing and fabrication of their designs. Along the way students create and hone their skills in engineering, design, management, and teamwork. Points are earned in a series of off-track, "Static" events, and on-track, "Dynamic" events. These points are totaled, and the team with the most points at the end of the competition wins. Since its inaugural competition in 1979, the competition has grown to encompass 5 continents and hundreds of universities across the world. 

The Society of Automotive Engineers developed the Formula SAE series as a way for student’s to put their classroom knowledge into motion. The competition is primarily engineering based but has expanded to include all aspects of racing including, the business side. Each team is judged based on their engineering skills and ideas as well as production quality through a design review. The design review is hosted by a panel of industry engineers specializing in a variety of automotive fields. The vehicle must go through a rigorous technical inspection along with tilt, sound, and brake testing before it is allowed to compete. The drivers must also prove they have all the required safety gear and the ability to egress the car quickly. The dynamic portion of the competition includes acceleration, skidpad, autocross, and endurance events. Lastly, each team is scored based on their vehicle cost report as well as a business marketing presentation. Each competition is an incredible experience in the preparedness and camaraderie it takes to compete in the automotive world. 

Dynamic Events

Fuel Economy (100 points)
Endurance (325 points)
Autocross (100 points)
Skid Pad (75 points)
Acceleration (75 points)

Static Events

Cost Report (100 points)
Business Presentation (75 points)
Design (150 points) (100 points)

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