Chassis Division

The chassis division deals primarily with the development of the vehicle’s space frame. This involves pulling together the suspension and drivetrain geometry in order to create a platform that carefully packages all of the vehicle’s components, while maintaining the characteristics of the vehicle set by the other divisions. Collaboration of all subsystems is very important in the development of the chassis in order to ensure all components are packaged properly and there are no clearance issues. The chassis division is also responsible for the ergonomics of the vehicle. It is important to ensure that the driver will be comfortable at all times and not hindered by the vehicle in any way from driving at their full potential. The spaceframe is designed through 3D CAD software along with finite element software used for analyzing loads and torsional properties. Other components developed by the chassis division include the pedals, steering wheel, dash, firewall, seat, and impact attenuator. The vehicle build process for the chassis division involves a large amount of jigging and assembling in addition to metal fabrication and composites work. Lastly, time is put into validating the design of many of the components through physical testing to ensure they will perform as intended.